Alexandra Pensabene

Allie brings a lot of energy and excited enthusiasm to our team and projects. Her new ideas and ability to imagine all the possibilities informs her design process and raises the positive engagement of those around her.

  • I’m from  Long Valley, New Jersey originally - a Jersey girl through and through. I am currently residing in Salem, MA.

  • List your education  Wentworth Institute of Technology

  • Why PCA?  I gravitated towards PCA because whenever I came across the team over the years at industry events, everyone was always smiling and having a great time. I wanted this next step in my career to be with a company that not only values great design but also a sense of community.

  • My earliest design memory  One time I had asked my dad if there was enough space above my room in the attic to create a loft. I had drawn a very rough section of what it would look like in my head. He brought me up to the attic to see the framing and to understand where we were in the roof. He actually ended up bringing in an architect to quote it. And it was too much, of course. But I hope to design a lofted bedroom one day for kids so I can close that loop.

  • A project I’m proud of is  the Quiet Few in East Boston - your neighborhood whiskey bar!

  • A place that has affected me is  Portugal. It completely inspired me professionally and personally.

  • What building or place do you wish you designed, why?  Thermal Baths at Vals by Peter Zumthor - probably the best project on earth.

  • On Saturday mornings, you can usually find me  watching old and new cartoons and eating cereal with my kitty cats.

  • What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?  I always end up doing yardwork for my friends with houses. I'm not sure how this keeps happening.

  • Cats or dogs?  I have two amazing Maine Coon cats. But I consider myself to be more of a dog personality. I love to run and play outside!

  • SketchUp or Revit?  Sketchup for having fun. Revit for getting things done.

  • On my playlist:  This Must Be The Place

  • If you were a pantone swatch, what color would you be?  Ladybird Blue

  • The best piece of advice I've ever been given is  You're still so young. Make mistakes.

  • The most fulfilling thing I've done  is riding in the Pan-Mass Challenge last year! I participated for the first time and hope to ride again next year. I was unprepared for the amount of love and support from families along the ride. Shout out to cancer research and working towards a cure!

  • My favorite creative endeavor  is collecting rusty pieces of metal from all around New England to then hopefully one day make a sculpture with.