Aysegul Bilgic (she/her/hers)

As a designer, Aysegul draws from history to create places infused with the stories of their communities.

  • I'm from  Ankara Capital of Turkey. I've been living in Boston for more than 10 years now.

  • My education  Bachelor of Architecture degree from Turkey and I also studied historic preservation in Turkey, I worked in historic site from 13 Century Hasankeyf and also archeological site Dionysus Temple Teos. In received by Master of Architecture from the BAC in 2015. Currently, I work as a adjunct instructor at the BAC in addition to my role at PCA.

  • Why PCA?  Good design and nice people.

  • My earliest architectural memory  walking around the historical sites of Turkey with my family and being fascinated by the giant columns and all the little details. I spent a lot of time trying to imagine what was life like then.

  • Materials that excite me  I love to expose materials and seeing their raw phase, especially through other transparent materials. Looking through a glass and seeing the exposed steel columns with concrete flooring is simple but daring.

  • What building or place do you wish you designed, why?  I would love to design a place like MassMoCa. Design that adapts to a new use while telling an old story is stronger and romantic than a brand new building.

  • What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?  trying to tell normal stuff to my real nerd husband.

  • Cats or dogs?  Cats for sure. They are weird creatures to adore but come with different personalities that are always strong and fascinating.

  • Coffee or tea?  Tea, of course! Do you know that Turkey is the number one tea drinking country in the world?

  • On my playlist  Too much Depeche mode, 80's, old rock and alternative.

  • Quote that guides me right now:  "To be modern is not a fashion, it is a state. It is necessary to understand history, and he who understands history knows how to find continuity between that which was, that which is, and that which will be." - Le Corbusier

  • One thing most people don’t know about you  I'm an open book.