Brandon Levy LEED GA

For Brandon, knowing that he is part of something that will directly affect people’s lives inspires him to create.

  • I’m from  Rockville, MD.

  • My education  University of Maryland, College Park

  • Why PCA?  PCA has an employee-centric culture that breeds creativity and authenticity. There is a real connection between us as designers, our buildings and the community that uses them.

  • I’m drawn to design because  it combines the freedom to create anything in my head with the constraints and practicality of real life

  • My favorite space  The Hirshhorn Museum's plaza in Washington, DC. The whole building surrounds you, sitting on massive structures that lift off the ground. The space has features of both public and private simultaneously.

  • A material that excites me  Wood. It's useful at every scale, from chess pieces to cutting boards to multi-story buildings!

  • Place I wish I designed  Venice, Italy. The sheer idea to build a whole city on underwater stilts is mind-blowing.

  • The nerdiest thing I do in my spare time  I'm a bit of a Sudoku fanatic. I've created my own shorthand code to help me out.

  • Cats or dogs?  Dogs. Bark.

  • On my playlist  Neil Young and Polyphia, and everything in between

  • Favorite place in the PCA office  Rooftop. Great spot for lunch on a sunny day.

  • My best vacation  I spent a summer on my motorcycle, riding around the country and camping along the way.