Hailey Cyr (she/her/hers)

Having studied architecture and working primarily within the architectural realm allows Hailey to move seamlessly to interior design focused projects at PCA.

  • I’m from  I grew up in Barre, Vermont.

  • List your education  Wentworth Institute of Technology - Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture

  • Why PCA?  I am starting work at PCA with the title of interior designer. This is my first transition into this role from a previous architecture heavy role. PCA has the projects I want to be working on and the culture/mentorship to help guide me on this new journey.

  • My earliest design memory  When I was younger, a family friend was building a vacation home on their property. I remember seeing the plans for the first time and thinking how cool it was. Then I got to see several stages of the home being built and how it ended up. I thought it was the most amazing process seeing it all come together.

  • I’m drawn to design because  Design has infinite possibilities and is a huge part of everyone's day to day life. It can shape the entire mood of a person occupying the space.

  • Describe your favorite space  My current favorite space is my living room. This room is special because it exists within my first ever home that I was able to customize and design to my liking with my own hands. After having roommates for the last 10 years, this is a true sanctuary in my mind because I can call it all mine.

  • A project I’m proud of is  Hebrew SeniorLife in Brookline, MA. This project was a full recladding of an existing 13-story brick multifamily housing project to a renovated facade that was more efficient. I was also able to design an addition to the building for more amenity space.

  • Materials that excite me are  I love discovering new materials that are trendy and current. I am always excited by a beautiful cognac leather material as a design staple and the addition of colorful handmade ceramic tile.

  • I’m excited about building technology that  continues to be sustainable and evolves with the needs of our world as we evolve.

  • My favorite aspect of working with clients is  being able to WOW them when they see the new space you have created that was in their brains.

  • Cats or dogs?  Always Dogs! Currently, I have two rescue pups who are the biggest loves.

  • Ball point or felt tip?  Pointed nib calligraphy pen and brush markers! I am a calligrapher in my free time!

  • On my playlist:  "Alexa play country music hits on Spotify."

  • If you were a pantone swatch, what color would you be?  White, except it is not a Pantone color. It has invisible magical powers and remains the most underrated color out there.

  • The best gift I ever gave  I once gifted a Beta fish in a Yankee Swap. It went over more swimmingly than expected.

  • The best piece of advice I've ever been given is  My dad always told me: It's always better to back into the driveway rather than back out. Both as a literal house rule and also a metaphor for life to always be prepared going into new things and taking the time to do things well rather than rushed.