Julia Slater (she/her/hers)

Julia loves to work on the parts of projects that can throw a hitch in the plan, requiring intensive research to find the best solution.

  • I’m from  Boerne, TX.

  • My education  B.Arch, Syracuse University

  • Why PCA?  I wanted to work somewhere that cared as much for its employees as it did for its clients and buildings.

  • My earliest design memory  When I was a kid my mom decided to build her own home. She got most of her ideas from books, but we would also sneak onto building sites of houses that were under construction after the workers had gone home for the day. She designed the whole house herself and brought it to a builder who made it into actual drawings.

  • My favorite aspect of working with clients is  I like the moments when you get a call saying "I can't figure this out and I think you are the person who can." I am especially good at unraveling information and tracking parts of the project that change frequently.

  • I’m inspired by  fearless women who paved the way into the architecture profession so I can be here today.

  • On Saturday mornings, you can usually find me  out for a hike with my dog Watson and my partner Marcus.

  • The nerdiest thing I do in my spare time  Yarn bomb things around the city

  • A secret talent that no one knows about  I am pretty good at plant identification and can name most native plants to the area.

  • A few of my daily habits  I start every day by drawing a Tarot card of the day; I always sit and have coffee before I look at my phone; I spend time in my garden or with my many houseplants.

  • How my colleagues would describe me  Hardworking, loves Excel, cares about people