Karen Dubrovsky AIA, LEED AP (she/her/hers)

A Principal at PCA, Karen Dubrovsky has been instrumental in exceeding clients' goals on projects spanning from higher education to hospitality and retail.

Karen’s years of experience at PCA enable her to navigate from the big picture to the details of planning and design. She thrives on the challenge that each new project brings, focusing on listening to each client’s needs, and thinking beyond what they believe a project can be to create dynamic environments that open up opportunities. Since joining PCA in 2000, Karen has been a key contributor to the firm’s growth and vibrancy, adding to PCA’s air of creativity that keeps things fresh. Along with participating in overall firm management, she leads the marketing and graphic design team at PCA.

  • I’m from  Connecticut, originally.

  • My education  B.Arch, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Why PCA?  PCA was my first job out of school. I interviewed before I graduated and started a week after school let out. I never planned to stay. It was more convenience when I took the job, but I found a place I could grow and contribute. It's more of a family now than a job.

  • My earliest design memory  I remember liking to draw houses when I was young. I would sit in our yard drawing my house and looking at buildings, fascinated by the pattern of the windows and trim.

  • I’m drawn to design because  I have always loved color and the shape of things. Great design makes you feel good and I like being part of that.

  • My favorite aspect of working with clients is  finding creative ways to solve their problems while creating something they love. I've always loved puzzles and I view each design problem as a puzzle. When you finish you can look at it and see the whole picture.

  • On Saturday mornings, you can usually find me  crafting or baking something with my three daughters.

  • SketchUp or Revit?  Neither! Hand-drawn on trace

  • A secret talent that no one knows about  I can make and decorate elaborate cakes. My kids always want to put me on some baking TV show. I mostly do it for their birthdays.

  • If I could snap my fingers and become an expert in something, it would be  hand lettering. I love typography and wish I could hand letter like a pro. They are so precise while being so artistic.

  • My best vacation  A week in Barcelona and a week in the mountains with three kids was amazing. We were even there for a street festival in Barcelona that was amazing to be part of.