Kevin Dix

Kevin brings his storytelling abilities to our projects. His sense of color, texture, time and place influence his design work.

  • I’m from  Originally? I am from Chincoteague Island, Virginia.

  • List your education  My undergraduate degree is from The College of William & Mary in Virginia. I studied theater with a minor in fine art. My graduate degree is in interior architecture is from Suffolk University.

  • Any notable accomplishments/awards?  As a graduate student, I did win several awards. However, no achievement has had more impact on who I am as a person or has been as rewarding as the experience of adopting my daughter, Sadie..

  • Why PCA?  Over everything else, I chose PCA because of it's sense of community. People look after each other here and I wanted to be a part of that.

  • I’m excited about building technology that  without begging to be noticed, lowers our impact on the environment or gives something back to the community it stands in.

  • What building or place do you wish you designed, why?  The Maison de Verre, the House of Glass, by Pierre Chareau in Paris. To me, it is such an elegant combination of the industrial, the modern and the traditional. It is grand but on a human scale, guarded yet open, pretentious yet accessible. And the light is both the stage and the show there.

  • I’m concerned about  My daughter's future and the world she will live in. I want her to have a path to happiness that isn't impaired by those who would rather force their will on others than accept everyone for who they are.

  • Coffee or tea?  Tea - iced and sweet.

  • SketchUp or Revit?  SketchUp.

  • On my playlist  I'm still listening to more than my share of 80's new wave - Yaz, Eurythmics, Depeche Mode...

  • A secret talent that no one knows about  I can bake and decorate a pretty mean Christmas cookie.

  • The best gift I ever gave  At five, my daughter was crazy for pugs and wanted a puppy. That Christmas morning when she came down the stairs and to the tree, the top of a little red box popped open and a little pug, later named Obie, jumped out and bounded towards her. It was love at first sight for both of them. It was the best gift I've ever given even, if Santa Claus got all the credit.

  • Favorite book  The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay by Michael Chabon

  • What would be your personal motto?  Just keep swimming.

  • A volunteering cause I support  Human Rights Campaign and the National MS Society

  • My best vacation  The entire summer I spent with my daughter on Chincoteague so she could see, do and experience all the things that were a part of my summers growing up.