Shaun Hallissey CPHC, LEED AP HOMES

As a designer, Shaun enjoys solving puzzles, as well as balancing aesthetics, structure, building code and user needs to realize a client’s vision.

  • I’m from  Boston.

  • My education  Wentworth Institute of Technology; University of Arizona

  • Notable accomplishments/awards  Certified Passive House Consultant

  • Community service  CANstruction team leader

  • My earliest design memory  In high school I was asked to design different options for how to arrange the cafeteria lunch tables. I pitched a variety of options, but without buying new furniture the design wasn't as transformative as the administration had imagined. Nevertheless, I got free lunches my senior year!

  • My favorite space  I'm always impressed by ancient churches and cathedrals, places that were designed to make a visitor feel small in comparison to the grandeur of the architecture. I often look at the small details and I am amazed with the level of craftsmanship and dedication to do that work without the use of modern machinery or techniques.

  • A project I’m proud of is  my home. I've drawn designed and built/renovated parts of it to make it better, healthier and last longer.

  • On Saturday mornings, you can usually find me  sleeping in, then enjoying time with the family.

  • A secret talent that no one knows about  I am an avid curler.

  • The craziest thing I’ve ever done is  pack up my life and move across the US to get my graduate degree from the University of Arizona.

  • How my colleagues would describe me  Shy/quiet but hopefully smart and kind

  • My favorite creative endeavor  In grad school we were asked to a) create a concept model of a poem we were given b) draw the model (plans and elevations) c) invert the drawings so that solids became voids and voids became solids d) inhabit the voids and come up with a program/function for people to do in the negative spaces.