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Carefully read the following Electronic Documents Release Form. If you agree to these terms, indicate your assent below.

As requested, PCA will provide electronic documents to you (herein referred to as the Recipient) for your use.

Prior to release of the files to you, PCA requires that you read and accept this form by checking “I Accept” below.


Whether PCA provides materials to the Recipient stored electronically as AutoCad Architectural Files (CAD files), electronic media (CADD Documents), or a Building Information Model (BIM), the Recipient recognizes that said transmission is for convenience only. These are not As Built drawings and are provided with the understanding that all conditions should be field verified to confirm the degree of accuracy required for your specific project. Also, these files do not replace or otherwise alter our original designs and drawings. The Recipient recognizes that data, plans, specifications, reports, documents or other information recorded on or transmitted as electronic media are subject to undetectable alteration, either intentional or unintentional due to, among other causes, transmission, conversion, media degradation, software error or human alteration. PCA makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, regarding the fitness or suitability of the electronic documents. In the event of a discrepancy between these electronic files and the hard copy drawings, designs and specifications, the hard copy drawings, designs and specifications that bear PCA’s stamp and seal are deemed superior and accurate. Use of the electronic files is limited to Reference Only and cannot be used for any other purpose and is not intended as an end-product. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Recipient agrees to release, indemnify and defend PCA from any claims, damages or losses that might be incurred that result from any transfer of the electronic files or any use, re-use or modification of the electronic files by the Recipient or others. The information set forth on such electronic media is the result of a fee for service and under no circumstances, shall transfer of electronic media be deemed a sale by PCA and PCA makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, for any purpose. The Recipient recognizes that the electronic files listed above and other information is constantly being revised and evolving under PCA’s direction and the electronic files and information may be constantly changing due to PCA’s need to do so. This release is valid and pertains not only to this set of documents but also to any documents in the future for this particular project and for which PCA releases any information whatsoever electronically for this particular project.

Note: Information stored on electronic media including, but not limited to computer disk, may not be 100% compatible with other systems, therefore, PCA shall not be liable for the completeness or accuracy of any materials provided due to difference in computer and software systems.

Please contact a representative at PCA at 617-547-8120 should you have any questions or require any additional information.

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Electronic Documents Release Form (Contractor)