Dan Carp (he/him/his)

Equally comfortable assembling computers, photographing the built environment, editing proposals, and hurling softballs, Dan thrives as PCA’s Renaissance Man.

Over the last decade, Dan has blended an interest in the arts and technology to provide a diverse range of support to those better skilled at designing buildings that will actually stand up. Most recently, he has virtualized PCA’s servers, helped develop PCA’s website, and overseen construction of PCA’s office renovation. When not up in the IT loft, Dan can be found playing drums in the PCA Band, organizing lunchtime games of H.O.R.S.E. and enjoying the company of his young son.

  • I’m from  New York.

  • My education  BA, linguistics & cognitive science; MA, higher education management

  • I’m drawn to design because  I love to perform my tech-oriented role within a dynamic and creative environment.

  • I’m concerned about  the ever-growing divide between Americans on so many fronts (political, economic, racial, moral) and the lack of productive discourse.

  • The most inspiring part of my job  I love when even the smallest technical solutions can impart big improvements in how our staff functions. While I have never designed a single building at PCA, the work that I do helps to enable them all.

  • The nerdiest thing I do in my spare time  Isn’t my day job nerdy enough?! When I have spare time, I love researching my family history.

  • Coffee or tea?  Tea (multiple cups a day!)

  • My personal motto  Be a positive presence in the world through all you do and say.

  • Favorite place in the PCA office  The IT Loft, with its views of the PCA roof garden and the Boston skyline. I love having private space in which to constantly play music while working and also appreciate the extra flight of stairs for daily exercise!

  • How my colleagues would describe me  A friendly, positive resource who may not always have the immediate answer but is always willing (and usually able) to find it. A tireless cheerleader for PCA culture, ace softball pitcher, competent drummer, and stock full of dad jokes.

  • My best vacation  I spent a summer volunteering at an English-speaking summer camp outside of Tel Aviv, Israel. So much of the summer was spent at the beach, eating amazing food and immersing in local culture, it felt far more like vacation than work!