David Deitch (he/him/his)

For David, architecture is for the people and by the people. He believes that by expanding the role of the designer into the social realm, one can engage the community in the creation of the buildings they inhabit.

  • I’m from  West Chester, PA.

  • My education  BSc, Architecture and M.Arch from Boston Architectural College

  • Notable accomplishments/awards  BAC — Edwin Steffian Centennial Award for Bachelor's Degree Project; Commendation for Master's Thesis Excellence Centennial Award for Overall Distinction in Practice

  • Why PCA?  Everyone here is committed to serving one another. It's a wonderful thing to spend all of your time at work with people who are interested in the success of their peers.

  • My earliest design memory  Pretending that the pattern of the linoleum floor in our basement was streets in a city. I would spend hours making cities out of cardboard blocks, wooden trains and matchbox cars.

  • I’m drawn to design because  I am a tinkerer and I'm happiest when taking things apart to learn how they are put together.

  • Materials that excite me are  being used in unexpected ways. I love to see off-label uses for ordinary materials.

  • The most inspiring part of my job is  working with beginners, because you're along for the ride as they discover things for the first time.

  • The nerdiest thing I do in my spare time  I rotate through a number of nerdy hobbies and right now I'm putting my studio skills to use building models of aircraft and ships.

  • When I’m not working you can find me  behind the drums or working on my house.

  • Coffee or tea?  Lots of both, but never decaf

  • SketchUp or Revit?  Revit and Rhino!

  • On my playlist  Mostly local indie bands, 90s emo and hip-hop

  • Quote that guides me right now  “Think of something that you can do as opposed to all the things you can't do - and do that.” ~ Kathleen Hanna