Frank Smith AIA

Frank relishes the process of design and construction management, solving problems along the way. He is partial to projects with a strong public element, particularly within an urban environment. 

Frank took a slightly circuitous path to a career in architecture, working in construction, studying psychology and business, and ultimately finding the perfect integration of his skill sets — imagination, business sense and high-level technical skills — applied to a framework of real-world constraints. Outside PCA, he is a runner, woodworker and pianist, with a yen for the salt sea air and all that beaches that New England can offer.

  • I’m from  Sharon, MA.

  • Notable accomplishments/awards  Finalist for the BAC/BSA Design Scholarship and the BAC Academic/Portfolio Based Scholarship

  • Why PCA?  It's a fun, lively, creative environment both in terms of the people and our work.

  • I’m drawn to design because  architectural design requires thinking on a technical, creative and human level. The combination of these aspects of our work never ceases to engage and inspire me.

  • My favorite aspect of working with clients is  the collaborative environment where many people bring their talents together to solve challenges and realize a common vision.

  • The most inspiring part of my job is  people: teaching them new things, and being taught new things myself.

  • Ballpoint or felt tip?  Ballpoint

  • I’m my best self when  running.

  • Favorite book  100 Years of Solitude, by Gabriel García Márquez

  • The best piece of advice I've ever been given  Give everything you have — you'll find more to give.

  • My favorite creative endeavor  Playing the piano