Juhi Goel LEED AP BD+C

Juhi has a generous personality. Her drive, positivity and versatile design perspective allows her to contribute to the team keeping our shared goals in mind.

  • I’m from  Chennai, India.

  • List your education  BS Arch, University of Cincinnati; M.Arch, University of Maryland; Certificate in Urban Design, University of Maryland

  • Any community service?  I organize an annual housewarming basket drive to donate to the Housing First Initiative at Friends of Boston's Homeless.

  • Why PCA?  Exciting projects that breathe new life into their surroundings, great opportunities for professional growth and a brilliant group of people who work hard and play hard!

  • My earliest architectural memory is   growing up in Chennai, there was a river passing through my neighborhood that was very polluted and unpleasant to look at. But every time I passed by that river on my way to school and back, I would imagine it restored with a vibrant riverwalk with different kinds of seating, interactive artwork, public plazas and activities that brought the community together. I didn't really know what architectural or urban design was at that point, but I loved looking out the window of whatever vehicle I was traveling in as a kid and dreaming up new possibilities for all kinds of buildings and public spaces across the city.

  • I’m drawn to design because  it is so deeply rooted in hope and optimism! It challenges us to work together to envision a better future for a place - and by extension - for entire neighborhoods, cities and our planet.

  • I’m inspired by  travel! I find that breaking away from the everyday rut and exploring something new helps me see things from a different perspective.

  • I’m concerned about  the environmental and social impact of what we are building in the present.

  • Cats or dogs?  Big, friendly dogs!

  • Coffee or tea?  Piping hot English Breakfast tea, twice a day or I will disintegrate.

  • One thing most people don’t know about you  I went to a really cool international boarding school up in a mountain range in India for my last two years of high school, with students and teachers from over 80 different countries coming together for a multicultural learning and living experience. It was life-changing!

  • My favorite creative endeavor  I love dancing! Creating, learning or performing choreography makes me immensely happy, and I could just do it forever.

  • My best vacation  A travel abroad semester that took my architecture studio through France, Italy, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey to study design on site.