Kevin Nastasia (he/him/his)

With past experience working on cruise ship entertainment deck design, Kevin now enjoys working at PCA for fundamental "land-based” work tackling the new challenges of steel, curtainwall and more.

  • I’m from  Westford, MA.

  • My education  BS in Architectural Engineering Technology

  • Notable accomplishments/awards  I have my MA Construction Supervisors License

  • My favorite space  The spaces that appeal to me most, and the ones I want to enter for no reason but to walk around, are theatres. Not the movie kind, the actual live performance kind. I like the way they sound, how I feel when I'm in them, and how they can be adapted to whatever the production needs.

  • A project I’m proud of is  an exhibition stage and display room for the Corning Museum of Glass. The stage and display area was a small part of a larger project that CMoG partnered with, and it was part of their touring artist show. The whole experience of going to visit the Corning museum, standing on one of their stages to feel the heat and blowing glass, and working with the art director to coordinate and deliver a functional space for them was memorable.

  • Materials that excite me are  the basics: glass, stainless steel, concrete and wood. For me it's not so much the material, but how you make them come together that is exciting. Also, one material that I've never worked with, but hope to someday, is carbon fiber.

  • Cats or dogs?  Cats

  • Coffee or tea?  Coffee

  • On my playlist  It's always changing, but my all-time favorite go-to groups are Nine Inch Nails, The New Deal and Guster.

  • If I could snap my fingers and become an expert in something, it would be  live audio production.

  • A volunteering cause I support  I routinely support the Peacock Players. They are a non-profit children's theater organization that creates main stage theater productions and theater arts education meant to help students build confidence, self-esteem and imagination, foster leadership and team working skills while instilling strong artistic values.