Lindsay is passionate about creating sustainably designed environments that foster community while yielding an atmosphere of productivity and intrigue.

  • I’m from  Rochester, NY.

  • My education  BFA, Interior Design; MFA, Interior Architecture

  • My earliest design memory  My grandfather owned a carpentry business, which has been handed down to my uncle. I grew up surrounded by shop talk, with an interest in building things. My grandmother was a crafter who never threw anything away, which led to many creative "second-life" solutions. Those traits were passed down through the generations, and I continued to make, craft and build through any means necessary — cardboard, paint, LEGO, Sims. The combination of artistry and engineering led me to interior architecture — it's in my blood.

  • I’m drawn to design because  of experiential design, more specifically phenomenology. Through design, we have the opportunity to alter normality in a way that is new and exciting, and paired with new technology, there's no need to do things the way they've always been done.

  • Materials that excite me  I like to be surrounded by items with a story. A favorite pastime is visiting antique shops and flea markets across the northeast and giving items a second (third, fourth) life. Humans have a deep connection to a memory or a place and I strive to add this layer into my designs, especially in new construction projects.

  • I’m inspired by  strong and influential women — most often musicians. PJ Harvey, Bjork and Courtney Barnett are a few on a long list of influential artists in my life.

  • On Saturday mornings, you can usually find me  road tripping on Route 1 through some part of the northeast coast, whether it be Maine or Rhode Island in search of hidden gems.

  • Cats or dogs?  Cats! Elsie!

  • Coffee or tea?  Coffee with our special homemade creamer blend of vanilla and almond extract

  • A secret talent that no one knows about  I deeply love drawing graphite portraits — specifically eyes. Every wrinkle depicts a different emotion. You can really recognize someone by the expression in their eyes, and if you can get that right, you've recreated a memory.

  • The best piece of advice I've ever been given is  don't strive to be nice, strive to be respectful.