Project Type



Pressed Café




Boston, MA


6,300 SF


Anton Grassl

This café client is a local husband-and-wife team, whose unwavering spirit, ingenuity and hard work persevered this past year leading to the grand opening of Pressed Prudential. The Pressed owners wanted to provide a new healthy eating destination for the busy, professional urban dweller by day and the after work evening crowd looking for a spot to relax and linger at night.

PCA’s design team worked alongside the owners to craft a recognizable brand combining their favorite aesthetics with an urban upscale appeal. This warm, unique café space evokes the aura of Israeli food markets offering customers curated and homemade food options fresh and fast. Pressed Prudential slows down the rushed lunch hour experience with delicious savory and sweet fare and a distinctive interior design just right for passersby, nearby office workers and evening clientele.

Pressed Prudential is a new cultural food haven infused with thoughtful design intention and hands-on care where guests want to come back again and again.