Project Type



Big Heart Hospitality /
Tiffani Faison


Completed 2023


Boston, MA (Fenway)


Anton Grassl

I’m really excited about this brand and the enthusiastic response we’ve seen. It is the kind of place where you can really let your hair down, and that fun spirit carries through in the menu, design, and atmosphere.

Tiffani Faison, Big Heart Hospitality

Located in Boston’s vibrant Fenway neighborhood, Tenderoni’s Fenway features 140 seats, two bars and an eclectic design inspired by 70s and 80s nostalgia celebrating the era’s disco roller rinks and pop culture icons. Working in partnership with celebrity chef and TV personality, Tiffani Faison of Big Heart Hospitality, PCA designed this retro restaurant keeping her vision as a guiding principle to create a fun, inclusive and high-spirited experience.

The interiors include colorful animal prints and bold decor, from furniture fabrics to wall and column coverings to accent pieces. Color changing neon lighting creates an energetic mood and lights up the painted concrete floor’s curving stripes and 80s color scheme.