Project Type

Mixed Use, Residential, Retail and Office Space


Torrington Properties


Expected Completion 2022


Portsmouth, NH


Mixed use development with 250 apartments, 23 townhouse condominiums, 22,000 SF retail and 22,000 SF office space

The development of West End Yards creates a new neighborhood destination with an active and vibrant public realm for the city of Portsmouth NH. Located on a 12 acre site in the city’s West End, West End Yards is the first development to use the city’s recent Gateway Zoning ordinance to allow for a mix of residential and non-residential development and to increase diversity in housing types.

The complex transforms a large paved lot to create new housing, retail and office uses as well as reducing unappealing hard surfaces with lush green open space on site. The project also includes the construction of a long-desired new road for Portsmouth to take the traffic burden off smaller side streets and expand the growing bike path network. This new road solution also allowed the city to avoid expensive repairs to an aging vehicular bridge over Hodgson Brook.

“The Junction,” coming this spring, connects the commercial and residential buildings with an activated public space including a food and beer hall with indoor and outdoor dining.

PCA’s master planning, architecture and interior design team has designed a new neighborhood, with live, work, play options for residents and nearby city neighbors.