A little rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of the 60 kids (of whom 2/3rds were over the age of 21) at PCA’s annual summer BBQ. Dating back to 2004, staff and their families have looked forward to celebrating the warm New England weather all together with burgers & dogs, drinks, desserts, and plenty of good humor.

While competitive games were phased out this year to minimize risk of injury to our playoff-bound softball team, a bounce house and ingeniously designed “dunk tank” were newly added to the slate of entertainment. Also recognizing that 2017’s 100 water balloons was nowhere close to enough for a boisterous staff, that number was upped ten-fold and not one of the thousand balloons filled remained un-hurled. The 20 x 30 foot big-top tent protected its occupants from the rain above but not necessarily from flying balloons below! By the end, families left full, wet, happy, and already making plans for next year’s BBQ.

Huge thanks to the John family for offering up their yard and home!