Recently PCA Associate Ruth Parr, our intrepid Chief BIM Strategist, was excited to participate in a panel at the 2018 BILT (Buildings, Infrastructure, Lifecycle supported by Technology) conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

While the percentage of women in the construction and design industry has been slowly increasing over the past decade, there still remains a large disparity between women and men in management, particularly on the technology side. Ruth contributed her perspective on these trends, and how PCA measures up with other firms in fostering leadership and growth for women, and men, within the firm.

The 6 panel participants represent a wide range of specialties, from BIM/CADD specialists to in-house BIM technology managers, senior women in the field to millennials working in start-up or staff positions. The discussion covered a range of topics from tales of being a woman in BIM; the benefits and support of diversified teams, and discussions of learning styles and communication.

PCA’s strong in-house mentorship program and its promotion of women for leadership roles ranked very high compared to many of the firms in attendance. Ruth came away with a lot of great ideas and feedback.

Keep in touch with Ruth at her new Twitter handle: @BIMParrty….you’ll be hearing from her!