Professional Builder’s November issue includes an article about mixed-use infill projects designed to revitalize underutilized sites and bring a mix of income to investors. Laura Homich, Senior Associate at PCA, describes the process behind one of the examples cited – Parkside on Adams.

The community of Roslindale had long sought a financially viable way to preserve and retain Roslindale’s historic substation, situated at the heart of the town’s business district across from busy Adams Park. After several attempts at development by the Town, PCA was selected by Peregrine Urban Initiative to find a solution, working with Roslindale Main Streets and Historic Boston to knit together old and new.

This complex project reinvents the substation as a restaurant and introduces a new 43-unit residential building that wraps around the station, completing this last edge of the town “square”. The new residences both create 24/7 activity and help to subsidize the costs of renovations to the older building. Read more here