A Design Guide for Everyone

At PCA we understand the struggle restaurant owners are dealing with to redesign their space to reopen and thrive during the current pandemic, COVID-19. Current restrictions make it difficult to decide if outdoor seating is a worthwhile investment of time and finances for restaurateurs. To help our friends in the hospitality industry we developed a design guide focused on restaurants with no private outdoor space and limited sidewalk space to spill out onto.

This Design Guide for Everyone, shows the minimum tools needed for seating on the street, and gives advice on how to create a great place that people will choose to venture to. Included in the guide is a list of affordable off-the-shelf products as examples of how to feasibly do this on your own. View our Design Guide for Temporary Outdoor Dining here.

Cities and towns require a seating plan for approval of all outdoor dining in the public realm. As part of the Boston Society of Architects’ volunteer effort to aid restaurants with their seating plans, we are reaching out to offer our time and design sketches to elevate the experience for your patrons. We are offering complimentary architecture and interior design plan diagrams to create and upgrade indoor and outdoor dining space to meet COVID-19 guidelines. As members of the Metro-Boston community, we want to help elevate your restaurant’s design beyond the basic requirements for COVID-compliant indoor and outdoor dining.

If you are looking for ideas or help, please reach out to us via our Director of Interior Design, Tracy Dupont – tdupont@prellchil.com. Our team of interior designers and architects is here to help you during this unprecedented time.