Over the last year, we have made an effort to select sustainable product samples to house in our materials library (pictured), and increase our use of healthy materials in all of our projects. As part of this effort, we have signed the Healthy Materials Pledge, joining other design firms in a commitment to ask for materials transparency, collaboration, and preferable products that support human, climate, ecosystem, and socialhealth. With the Materials Pledge, we commit further to the following:

Continue asking for transparency and better products.

Continuously improve and update our specifications and procurement processes to require transparent and optimized products.

Collaborate and share best practices, tools, and education.
Support Human Health by preferring products which support and foster life throughout their lifecycles and seek to eliminate the use of substances that are hazardous.

Support Climate Health by preferring products which reduce carbon emissions and ultimately sequester more carbon than emitted.

Support Ecosystem Health by preferring products which support and regenerate the natural air, water, and biological cycles of life through thoughtful supply chain management and restorative company practices.

Support Social Health and Equity by preferring products from manufacturers who secure human rights in their own operations and in their supply chains, and which provide positive impacts for their workers and the communities where they operate.

Support a Circular Economy by reusing buildings and materials; and by designing for material efficiency, long life, and perpetual cycling

We hope you join us in signing this pledge. Follow the #linkinbio to view signatories and more info.