The International Living Future Institute (ILFI) is a global network dedicated to creating a healthy future for all. The ILFI’s JUST Program was established to help firms optimize policies that improve social equity and enhance employee engagement.

PCA elected to become a JUST organization in order to understand our firm from the outside in, measuring our efforts against others striving to improve their workplace.

As a home to over 60 talented designers from diverse backgrounds, our office culture encourages a diverse and balanced work life, embraces unique perspectives and supports professional growth.

An employee-owned firm, we value participation from all our staff in determining the future of the firm. We take pride in our people and in the quality of our projects and design process. We are a firm that seeks improvement on every level, both in work and our culture.

As a JUST organization, we pledge to show transparency in disclosing our firm’s operations, including how we treat our employees and where we make financial and community investments. We are proud to join firms nationwide striving for social justice, and are committed to continued improvements that will create a healthier future for all.