Project Type

Affordable Housing, Residential


The Community Builders


Expected Completion 2022


Jamaica Plain, MA


2 buildings includes 224 apartments, interior design, activation of public realm


LEED Anticipated

The Mildred C. Hailey Apartments in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston is a large-scale redevelopment project. The project scope is approximately 690 apartments including replacement of the existing 253 public housing units and the construction of 435 new low income to middle income affordable apartments. PCA’s scope, including 224 apartments, looks to activate the public realm around the first two built buildings.

Home to one of the city’s largest public housing projects, formerly called Bromley Heath, PCA is working with the City of Boston, The Community Builders and the local resident neighborhood groups to reconnect the development with the broader community. Our approach involves access to public transportation and supporting local businesses including markets, shops, cafes, restaurants and more. Open green space, a community center and recreation uses further connect the residents promoting an active pedestrian experience.